Play At The Cage

The Premier Training Facility in the midwest


Facility Features:

  • 50,000 square feet of training space

  • Indoor Turf Infield over 14,000 square feet with 35 foot high ceilings, which are fully netted to allow for live games.

  • Over 20 Batting Cages all with a Hack Attack Pitching Machine.

  • (4) Atec Defense Machines which we utilize for team / professional training ground ball and fly ball work.


  • (1) Trackman System:
    Mobile and can be utilized in games situations on the field. Optically enhanced radar technology provides superior tracking of the entire ball trajectory, crucial for today’s modern pitch design and player development.

  • (1) ProBatter Live Pitching Simulator:
    By combining this machine with a video projection system that displays a video image of an actual pitcher throwing the same type of pitch that is being delivered by the machine through a hole in the screen, which allows hitters to work on their timing and rhythm while facing virtually every type of pitch that they will face in a real game.

  • (2) Hit Trax Systems:

    With video capability which helps coaches training with players making corrections in swings. Evaluates bat exit velo, launch angles, hard hit ground balls, and fly ball percentages after each session. The system allows us to provide videos and total analysis of a players swings.

  • Pitch Logic Program which evaluates pitcher velo, spin and rotation.

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